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A node is any computer that connects to a blockchain's network.

Types of Nodes

Seed Node

Initial contact points, implemented during [[[blockchain]] creation, that are used by other nodes to update the blockchain and to find other peers.

Local Node

A local node is a local computer that is connected to a crypto coin's network.

Lightweight Node

A lightweight node only downloads the block headers, instead of the whole blockchain, making this node simple to run and maintain. Lightweight nodes are dependent on full nodes to function.

Full Node

Full nodes store the complete blockchain information and insures that all blockchain consensus rules are followed. They also convey transaction information and keep the blockchain up to date.

Mining Node

A mining node works in one of two ways. With solo mining, the miner runs a full node and contributes their personal hashing power. With pool mining, the pool admin runs the full node and miners contribute their hashing power.

A node with increased capabilities is called a Masternode.

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