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  | <big><big><big>Welcome to Bitcoin Wiki!</big></big></big>  
This is an independent project. It exists thanks to the active members of the cryptocurrency community.
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<div style="font-size:162%; padding:.1em;">Welcome to [[Wikipedia]],</div>
Bitcoin Wiki now has '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} {{plural:{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}|articles|articles|articles}}]]''' in English.
<div style="font-size:95%;">the [[free content|free]] [[encyclopedia]] that [[Wikipedia:Introduction|anyone can edit]].</div>
<div id="articlecount" style="font-size:85%;">[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]] articles in [[English language|English]]</div>

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Welcome to Wikipedia,
135 articles in English

Welcome to Coin.Wiki, a new Wiki, where we are exploring various new technologies and topics including

If you'd like to join us and learn and build together, we'd be happy to have you as a fellow coin wiki-er! Please e-mail // admin at coin.wiki // and we'll be in touch.